Coaching Designed For You...

To spark a mindset of continuous learning,
development and unlimited growth.

Designed For You…

To spark a mindset of continuous learning, development and unlimited growth.


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Janet Watson
Sounds really good, right? And it is! I provide actionable guidance in accelerating your potential. My coaching is truly a collaboration and growth process building on a respected and trusted partnership.

Here’s my coaching story in brief: I started out being coached as a competitive athlete, then became a coach for athletes, then on to being trained as a media spokesperson, which grew into a consultant role, fast forward to becoming a university professor and then advisor. I’ve either been coached or been a coach for what seems my whole life. And all along, I’ve held on to best practices that work, rooted in intentional listening, integrity and most importantly, designing engagements that are custom tailored for you.

You know setting yourself apart from the crowd requires a performance mindset, agility and critical communication skills, and that’s exactly where I come in.

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With a unique combination of business experience, university teaching, and communications training, I’ve developed a coaching and consulting philosophy that is purposeful and motivating.
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Executive Coaching

How do you accelerate your true potential by honing your growth mindset?

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Leadership Consulting

Ever give thought to how you show up (everywhere) really matters?

Grace’s Story



How can you think, design and deliver creatively to communicate effectively?

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“Janet’s insight and coaching was just what I needed to kick start my career. She helped me identify my strengths and abilities, find a language for highlighting my achievements without sounding arrogant, and gave me specific tools that I can use to grow in my position and advance my career. Janet is a consummate professional with great communication knowledge and expertise and helped me develop strategies for dealing with difficult people and situations in the most positive and productive way. While she is warm and encouraging, she is also firmly grounded in reality, and her guidance reflects her many years of research, study, and practice. My work with Janet left me feeling positively energized and excited to move on to the next challenge.”

Director, Educational Non-Profit

“Awesome teacher and great communicator! She shared the latest and greatest working information by bringing real world experience to the forefront of our communication classes. Janet was always willing to answer questions, provide personalized feedback and pushes you to do your best. Highly recommend any class she teaches!”

Sonoma State University

“Janet has supported me as an instructional coach and thought partner as I have evolved and developed as a faculty member in the classroom. She has been influential in helping me organize a classroom to ensure my content meets my teaching objectives highlighted by experiential learning. Most importantly, Janet has helped me to hone and develop my own authentic style of teaching. She has a positive energy and her coaching feedback is constructive and supportive helping me to iterate and adapt over time and for different student populations.”

Brandi M. Pearce, PhD
Team Performance and Research, Berkeley Haas School of Business

“Janet’s coaching is substantive, focused and custom tailored. Being on the frontline as an MD I’m required to often speak on my specialty. I secured Janet to coach me on my professional communication style and my executive presence on stage. We used video practice as a tool to assess my strengths and opportunities. Then, guided by clear objectives, Janet and I worked seamlessly to discover my natural style, highlight resonant language and actually have fun! I’ve recommended Janet to colleagues and family for their own coaching needs as she is a delight to work.”

Dr. Lizellen La Follette
Member - Board Of Trustees Buck Institute for Research on Aging

“Janet’s approach is empowering, compassionate, and motivating. Our work together was formative in my professional development, leading a newly formed team during a time of transition. Her coaching helped me lead with greater focus, generosity, intuition, and trust. She balanced practical skills I could apply weekly with reflection, inspiring greater awareness. This led to stronger performance and more sustainable productivity. I strongly recommend Janet. Working with her is inspiring.”

Sage Williams, MSc RN | Advocate | Community Builder
The Coaching Federation

“Janet reflects a super combination of inspiration and real-world practical. She worked with me on my executive presence especially in presenting to large groups. Janet improved my confidence and execution in two key ways 1) helping me first identify and then work to change the negative “talk track” that I had (and I fear many other women have) going around in the brain, and 2) leading me through a process of discovering what specific tools and processes I needed to use and follow in order to ensure success.”

Senior Executive University of California, Berkeley

“Janet was an AMAZING communications coach. She was compassionate, insightful and had many helpful tips and exercises that have transformed me as a teacher. She is truly the goddess of teaching.”

Catherine Wolfram, PhD
Faculty Director, Energy Institute, Haas School of Business University of California, Berkeley

“Janet is a skilled facilitator. She’s able to keep the group on track and she’s also skilled at improvising when facing the gift of the unexpected. She is gracious, generous, intuitive, and adept at modifying and innovating to foster amazing group experiences.”

Drew Merit
Graphic Facilitation and Experience Design

“Being a fabulous executive coach Janet helped me gain much-needed clarity on aligning my professional skills and experiences with my desire to launch my own business. Her direct, professional, and compassionate approach is motivating and energizing. Her inquiry, guidance, and feedback empowered me to trust my wisdom and experience and to start creating the offerings I was aiming for. I highly recommend Janet for her expertise in helping executives proactively move forward in their careers.”

Gina Morris
Strategic Advisor and Experienced Nonprofit Executive

“Janet is a powerhouse when it comes to communications. I hired her for my ACE Board Training programs to help executive women prep for corporate board interviews and guidance in a video series. Janet came in extremely prepared, and we all received valuable takeaways to utilize immediately. When I have an important communications need, I call on Janet because I know I will improve and receive valuable techniques I can use forever. Through our coaching sessions, Janet has catapulted me into the stratosphere, and I am so grateful.”

Michele, M.A., CEO
President and CEO, Ashby Consulting Enterprises

“Janet is the consummate coach. She makes clients feel at ease while getting them to move beyond their comfort zones. Her enthusiasm is wonderful and she finds and brings out the best in everyone.”

Charlotte Knox
President, Knox Education

“With her extensive experience in executive coaching, acting and university teaching, Janet was the ideal performance coach for my classes in “Acting with Power” at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. We collaborated, facilitated and dove deeply into knowledge sharing with the Stanford MBAs’ and elevated every aspect of the students’ business performance. It was a treat to work alongside Janet with her passion to coach others in developing their own communication skill set.”

Deb Gruenfeld
Author of “Acting with Power: Why We Are More Powerful Than We Believe (April 2020)

“I have worked with Janet Watson and learned from her for almost 10 years. I met Janet through Mozilla, where she expertly facilitated dozens of onboarding sessions, a program that created deep community connections between its cohorts. I’ve also personally relied on Janet for formal and informal professional development coaching over the years, and am drawn to her ability to simultaneously support and challenge me. She is dedicated to female empowerment, and has many super powers to share!!!”

Mary Ellen Muckerman
Brand & Culture Strategy Consultant

“Janet was an expert speaker at the Board Certification Program in which I was a cohort in Nov 2020. She spoke on “How You Show Up Matters – Presenting Your Best Self”. Her highly impactful training gave practical tips on showing up consistently as executives and board directors with leadership presence and poise. With virtual meetings becoming a common place for board meetings, annual reviews and strategy calls, it is not easy to maintain a consistent presence of our best self. Her methods were easy to pick up immediately and make a lot of sense. Janet is so easy to talk to and work with. She recently moderated a speaking event in which I was part of a panel addressing how to own our power as female leaders. Janet was crucial in driving very honest, candid and valuable conversations. Without her dedication to prepare and guiding us through this topic, we would not have been able to deliver powerful messages to the audience. I highly recommend Janet for all your leadership communication needs.”

Uma Devi Gopaldass, CDI.D
Governance | Sustainability | Independent Board Director | Investor Council Member

“I want to note that my sessions with Janet as my executive coach, not only directly helped me get an offer, but also profoundly affected the way I think about and do things. As a matter of fact, I use and have relayed a few of Janet’s delving questions to colleagues around me, with my favorite being: ‘What does my behavior tell me about my motives?’. Thank you, Janet.”

Jorge A.
Sales Engineer

“I worked with Janet when cellular was in its infancy and I had been tasked with convincing California that it was more than a business tool. This meant developing messaging, and training for the media. I needed someone who could help me take this exotic tool and popularize it. Janet came highly recommended, and I’m glad we hired her. Not only did she help me with my presentation, she researched the industry, and focused on points the public would respond to. I was so pleased with my relationship with her, and her coaching that I have since referred her to many clients and coworkers. The response from all who have worked with her has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Sand McCubbin
Government Affairs Consultant Telco, Energy and Transportation

“Janet did an amazing job showing (not telling) our UC Berkeley graduating seniors (and their Professor) how to give an effective and memorable presentation. I heard rave reviews from the students — one said she learned more from Janet in an hour than she did in some multi-day communications trainings. I am so impressed with the way Janet was able to get the students to workshop their presentations while in class, so that they could truly digest and employ the key methods for success. I’m certain that we will all remember how to build and deliver a stellar talk and communicate better thanks to Janet’s fantastic engaging lesson.”

Dr. Adina Merenlender
Conservation Biologist & Lecturer, College of Natural Resources University of CA, Berkeley, CA

“Janet is an outstanding executive coach. We began working together when I was in a very difficult and sometimes overwhelming work situation. I had left a position, in which I had much success, for another where I was struggling and needed assistance navigating the new environment. Janet developed strategic tools to help me filter out external noise and focus on the elements of my leadership role which enabled success. She brings clarity, fosters self-awareness, and launched me on a path for continued personal and professional growth.”

Susan Heppell
Director, Ultrasound Programs, Echo and General • Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences (KPSAHS) • Richmond, CA

“Janet is an extraordinary educator. She is innovative, exciting and maintains cutting edge skills in the field. Students evaluate her teaching as excellent. In addition, she is a wonderful colleague. Highly professional. Extremely reliable.”

Elizabeth Burch, PhD
Dept. of Communication and Media Studies, California State University, Sonoma CA

“I have only the highest regard for the work of Janet Watson, of Watson and Associates. I engaged her on several occasions to work one-on-one with Berkeley faculty who could benefit from custom tailored coaching. The faculty members not only enjoyed their coaching sessions, but benefitted enormously from Janet’s work, as their teaching skills improved dramatically. Janet consistently provides us a great service.”

Steve Tollefson
Director of the Office of Education University of California, Berkeley

“She’s just so bloody easy to work with. Janet is a generous, collaborative coach and educator who brings an expert breadth and depth of tools in leadership communications and learning design to her clients and students. We worked together co-designing and delivering corporate learning experiences, working side-by-side in the classroom. Since then, Janet has generously shared her sophisticated knowledge of the absolute best practices for teaching, including to help me through an intense year of developing five new curricula across three different university programs. And she kept me laughing.”

Alison Bloomfield Meyer
Leadership Coach | Berkeley Haas | Ex-Apple

“While I’ve been coaching people on the fundamentals of career and job change since the late 80s, when it comes to working with senior executives in academia or at the board level I consistently refer people to Janet. With her extensive experience as a leadership and performance coach, corporate spokesperson, and executive communication expert, Janet understands subtle nuance and excels at custom designing leadership and communications programs. She’s extremely collaborative, agile and insightful when focusing on solutions for problem issues. Her leadership communication coaching expertise is extensive and impressive.”

Barry Shulman
Talent Advisor, Predictive Index Expert & Certified Master Trainer, Vistage & WPO Speaker

“I have had the pleasure of working with Janet Watson for over seven years through the Center for Teaching Excellence at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. Janet served as a valued coach for both our ladder and professional faculty at Haas. She was recently promoted to Senior Coach due to her outstanding work and high ratings from faculty and is the only coach to earn this distinction. Janet is an extraordinarily talented teaching and presentation coach. Working with her is a pleasure as she has a can-do attitude, is very positive and extremely professional. She has been able to work successfully with some of our most challenging faculty. I give Janet my highest professional recommendation.”

Sue George
Executive Director Center for Teaching Excellence, School of Public Health University of California, Berkeley


American Express
Ashby Consulting Enterprises
Bank of America
Bay Area Air Quality Management District
UC Berkeley College of Natural Resources
Berkeley Haas
UC Berkeley
Berkeley School of Public Health
Boehringer Ingelheim
Bridge The Gap College Prep
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Caymus Vineyards
Clarion Hotel
Clonlara School
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Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
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Junior Achievement
Lick-Wilmerding High School
Lizellen La Follette MD
London Business School
Marin Horizon School
Nicholas and Company
Oakland Unified School District
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
The Wine RayZyn Company
Residence Inn Marriott
Shoreline Venture Management
Sonoma State University
Stanford University
State Compensation Insurance Fund
The San Francisco SPCA
Swiss Re
The Coaching Fellowship
University of the Pacific
Woman's Impact Alliance

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As I collaborate, there are many results: increased self confidence, new communication strategies for difficult situations, skill development to navigate ambiguity, perspective shifting, and the development of a resilient mindset. It all adds up to a renewed sense of self and purpose. It’s a joy to work with individuals and companies across the US and internationally, combining knowledge from undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Communications with my graduate work in Multicultural Communications and Curriculum Design. I serve on two boards, am a scholar mentor with SHECAN and coach women in the social impact space with Women’s Impact Alliance. When not coaching and consulting I keep my hand in competitive sports, love being outdoors in any weather and volunteer in the animal welfare space.

Reach out by phone or email and let’s tackle a challenge, set a new goal, or find a custom solution.