Think about the movie The Graduate, and the succinct one word advice from Mr. Maguire to Ben re: his future…”plastics”.

Expanding on that, here are two words, maybe not for your future, yet for building your intentional communications;

Clarity. Relevance.

*Clarity: Am I being extremely clear in my language choice, my phrasing, my intention?

*Relevance: How and why does this impact my audience/s? What’s in it for them?

Weaving those two words into your thought process is a thorough way to expedite the outcome/s you set. Clarity helps you rewrite or restate long-winded messages with only the most essential words, and relevance pulls the meaning to the forefront immediately connecting with your audience/s.

Here’s a challenge for you, which Mr. Maguire concludes with, “Think about it. Will you think about it?”