A Unique Combination

As an educator, you encourage imagination, critical thinking and lead impactful interactions. In a nutshell, this is the methodology I’ve developed called “Facili-Teaching”. More than facilitating and more than teaching, it is a unique combination of the two to engage people, collaborate, learn from and with others and customize learning to the dynamic of each environment. Not only for academics, this model can be used for business leaders desiring proactive, designed learning opportunities that expand commitment, focus and engagement. A purpose driven interactive curriculum achieves objectives and goals, whether for an organization, team or cohort of students.

Moving Past Poor Performance Reviews

Ben is a faculty member at a well-known university in San Francisco who came to me for coaching to address poor evaluations from students and faculty. The evaluations were preventing him from securing a tenured position. Our work together was designed around 3 key objectives: to elevate student engagement in his courses, increase the clarity of his communication in and out of class, and secure a tenured position.

Together, we designed experiential engagement strategies to keep students more involved in his course. Ben subsequently raised his performance, gained positive reviews, and achieved tenure. He experienced renewed enthusiasm for his teaching and Ben enhanced the classroom experience by communicating with clarity, purpose and passion.

Ben Explains the Impact on His Teaching Style and Career

“Janet worked with me one-to-one to improve my presentation skills in the classroom, my organizational skills as they relate to teaching, and my interpersonal skills related to my role as a course coordinator. I cannot recommend Janet highly enough. As a professional educator of educators, Janet’s application of organizational detail and presentation of broader themes – as appropriate – have made a clear and significant impact on my work and life. The result notably contributed to my recent, successful award of tenure. Janet specializes in co-creating customized development workshops that address teaching to specific cohorts, and she focuses on classroom engagement and critical thinking. Janet also works with individual faculty members, pinpointing specific needs and addressing them, as she did with me.”

B.Z., PhD
Associate Professor, University of the Pacific

“Hone It To Own It”

Learn how to think differently to communicate effectively. Students and team members truly learn when they engage. The beauty of facili-teaching is being involved in the process to encourage imagination, look at problem-finding and solving from several perspectives, and collaborate to find answers to critical questions in real-time.

Let’s talk when you need an expert to listen, refine and develop your ideas for impact.

Janet Watson