High Performance Coaching

High Performance Coaching

Build Your Confidence

Coaching high performing executives is my sweet spot. By listening and supporting you in defining, refining and accelerating your own leadership skills, I help to identify your desired outcomes and guide you to find your own answers. Together we build the confidence you need to engage in self-discovery, own your leadership role and excel at intentional communication.

What Does Leadership Look Like?

Being referred to a new client within the same organization is always a gift. Scarlett was a newly appointed President of a large non-profit who wanted guidance to define, develop, and practice her leadership skills. She questioned, “What does my leadership look like?” We worked together to design a strategic plan that would increase Scarlett’s comfort level in developing and owning her leadership presence and seamlessly lead from her natural strengths.

To grow into this role, she needed to develop trust and clarity in her working relationships within and across teams. It required honing communication techniques to inspire daily action and also communicate seamlessly in board meetings, with staff and at offsite events.

Through a commitment to our co-designed plan, Scarlett experienced resounding success in her ability to lead and navigate ambiguity. She continues to seek my guidance in leadership workshops, developing inclusive hiring and interviewing language, and expanding her executive coaching needs.

Scarlett Sums Up Her Experience in a Few Words

“I am very fortunate to have had Janet as an executive coach at a point of transition in my career. What made time with Janet so effective was her ability to weave longer-term leadership strategies and habits with immediate, relevant coaching for emergent, time-sensitive challenges.”

President, San Francisco SPCA

“Hone It To Own It”

Elevating your communication strategies, your professionalism and performing like a well trained athlete is tantamount to your business success. Let’s expertly design a program to develop your communication for impact and inspiration.

Janet Watson