Leadership & Executive Presence

Leadership & Executive Presence

Accelerate Your Professional Objectives

You know that effectively delivering valuable information, even virtually, requires confidence and agility to communicate your thoughts, ideas, and data extremely well. Expert coaching makes a big difference, and that’s where I come in.

Together we look at:

  • Aligning your professional skills and experiences to your new role or elevating your current position.
  • Learn storytelling techniques to define the focus of your presentations, refine the language, and deliver a beautiful narrative that resonates.
  • Improving team performance using strategic tools in leadership communications and learning design.

My role is to accelerate your objectives.

How You Show Up Matters

In working alongside SHE-CAN, which builds female leadership in post-conflict countries by equipping young women with education, mentorship, and leadership skills, I was asked to design and develop their virtual leadership summit. What an honor! Defining the audience is key, as we collaborated on specific objectives so the cohort of women can honor themselves and others as they lead in their new worlds. Building upon the belief that how you show up matters (physically & mentally) the cohort learned that every social experience can be an opportunity to lead with integrity and influence.

I tasked the scholars with individual assessments, developing their own narratives, and deeply reflecting on their lives thus far: How did they choose the U.S.? What unrecognized skills did/do they use? How do they embrace their inner leader? Through the virtual summit (due to Covid), they bonded during breakouts, dancing to music at breaks and excelled at strategy tasks all while learning to show up to any engagement with their best authentic selves.

Grace Shares Her Experience and Perspective

“Janet was an integral member of our first virtual SHE-CAN Leadership Summit by developing our ideas into an impactful and interactive curriculum. She took the lead in designing the freshmen-focused summit and achieved all of our set goals and objectives with exercises that left our scholars feeling energized and owning their personal power. Janet is lovely to work with, inspired us to think deeply about the summit’s purpose, and was an open and engaging facilitator for our scholars.”

Grace Libby
Program Manager At SHE-CAN

“Hone It To Own It”

Making incremental actionable changes in how you think and show up creates momentum and accelerates change. Let’s work together to truly highlight you and your natural and resilient leadership presence.

Janet Watson